They Called This a Movie Episode 28 - Timecop (1994)




Time travel, Ferris Bueller's girlfriend, and some sweet kicking action. It's all covered in this week's episode of They Called This a Movie. 

This week, the brand new adaptation of Hellboy is tracking like a lead balloon into theaters, so we decided to tackle another Dark Horse Comics adaptation. We present to you the time-traveling sci-fi action flick starring the Muscles From Brussels himself, Jean-Claude Van Damme. 

We go way off the rails in this one, as we talk about everything from how Arnold Schwarzenegger's character in Jingle All the Way wound up in Minnesota, how certain dialogue from the villain hit way too close to home, and we go deep into the ramifications of a threesome with the past version of you and your dead wife. What happens if you get her pregnant? Are the Timecop rules of time travel all the way down to the molecular level? These are the places our minds go in this episode. 

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